pink orange white blue grey smoke multi color Onyx marble


Stunning beauty, the ability to pass light and high brightness is the reason for the attractiveness and uniqueness of this type of stone. If you want to have the most beautiful decoration, Onyx is the best choice for you.




silver grey smokey red yellow cream white choclate walnut travertine


The variety of colors and lightness of this stone is a good reason to use this stone in the view of the building, Especially large buildings, because the light weight of this stone reduces the load on the buildig




red blue firoozeh green jungle peach spring black whte granite


Granite has long been known for its strength and hardness. If you are looking for a beautiful stone and a choise for busy places, lobby and kitchen counter, the best choice is granite.




dehbid cream black golden rose red pietra grey persian silk emperador silk emperador grey golden marshal green


Marbles are stones with attractive designs that give a beautiful and stunning hall as a gift to your building, Marble is the best type of stone for your lobby and building hall




panda calcate neyriz spider aligudarz azna saimon black ocean persian skato

Crystal Marble

If you are looking for a stone that is suitable for all uses and resistant to cold, heat, water, sun, snow, etc., you should use marble crystal. This type of stone has a special, shiny and dazzling appearance with attractive lines.



white silver cream lime stone

Lime Stone

Limestone has a one-handed color and gives a special look to your building, If your goal is an attractive and affordable stone, Limestone is the best option for you.




karmania golden wood ocean traonyx


Traonix stone is a kind of art of nature that consists of travertine and onyx veins, If you combine this type of stone with light, your decoration will be eye-catching.






bathtubs waterjet stones washstand  flower pot stone dishes fountains guillotine stones stone products

Other products

Many luxury and attractive products are made of stone, which has a higher beauty and attractiveness than synthetic and polymer products. Also, stone products have a high color variety. For example, bathtubs, waterjet stones, washstand , flower pot, stone dishes, fountains, guillotine stones, Types of paving and many other products. We make all these products from the best stones



Dehbid Black Marble

This stone has a black background and golden spider lines, and an aura of faded brown color on this stone, the combination of which has formed an attractive and special role.


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Cream marfil marble

There are different types of cream marbles, the most famous and high-quality cream marble mine belongs to Iran (Paradise of stones). Ask us for the best cream marbles in the world with the best quality and the lowest price.


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Cream travertine

The light cream color of this stone, along with the quality and excellent price, has made this stone a great choice. Ask us for the best cream travertines in the world with the best quality and the lowest price.


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White travertine

The white color of this stone is very special and unrivaled. Also, this type of travertine is very high quality.The best extracted blocks have been used to process this stone.


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Pink Onyx

Onyxes are special stones that are very shiny and beautiful, and the most special type of onyx is pink. It gives beauty and warmth to your building with a special design.


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Neyriz spider crystal marble

Neyriz Spider marble has a special view and the main background of this stone is very white and beautiful, This stone has several categories that are classified according to the amount of its lines.


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Karmania Traonyx

Traonyx karmania consists of travertine and a large amount of onyx, Despite the different colors of travertine in this stone, it can be said that it is a miracle of nature that reminds us of the beauty of God's creation.


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Persian silk marble

Persian Silk Marble is one of the popular gray marbles that has two types, light and dark. Also, the white and thin lines of this stone give beauty to your hall and lobby.


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Silver travertine

There are different types of silver travertines, We give the best and highest quality silver travertines to your building with the best quality and the lowest price.


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Stone washstand

Stone washstand is one of the types of luxury stone products, We produce stone washstands in very different designs and with different types of stones for you. also, Your custom designs can be produced.


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Fadak stone Group, an iranian manufacturer of building stones with a variety of types, colors, sizes and stone blocks, Slabs, tiles and other stone products in your custom size with the best quality and the lowest price.

Iran has the best and most diverse marbles and granites. Also, the cost of stone processing in Iran is much lower than other countries, That is why Iran is the best place to supply the stones you need.

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